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The Best PRO Services in Saudi Arabia

Why are PRO Services Important?

PRO services provider, also known as MANDOOB, or TAQEEB services provider, refers to an entity that handles all dealing with government offices like; the Ministry of Commerce, Investment Authority, Tax, and Zakat Authority, or Social Security. An effective TAQEEB service provider in KSA assures you the right business structure and a completed and successful company setup. It will help you avoid unnecessary fines and ensure compliance with government investment laws.

Looking for Effective PRO Solutions in Saudi Arabia? Our 20-year experienced consultants are familiar with all aspects of company formation in KSA. We provide streamlined PRO services in both UAE and KSA, for LLCs, branch companies, sole establishments, companies, and partnership companies.
Our PRO services in Saudi Arabia cover mostly all kinds of paperwork. It includes handling immigration problems, arraigning visas, getting municipality work done on time, looking after housemaid visa documents, and dealing with foreign affairs paperwork.
We give our customers proficient, hassle-free services for setting up a business in KSA. Business Link will be with you at every step to help your entrepreneurial success. Hence be sure to ease your process of setting up a business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Efficient PRO Services in Saudi Arabia: Navigating Government Regulations with Business Link KSA

Business Link KSA has a dedicated group of public relations officers. They possess excellent knowledge in processing and following up on all PRO activities. In addition to that, we have immense experience with various municipalities and ministries, such as the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Commerce and Investment, Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA), and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Reach us If you want to issue or renew municipality licenses, work visas, or more in the Middle East. We offer the best PRO services in Saudi Arabia. Our team of PR officers ensures smooth, compliant, and efficient interactions with official organizations and semi-government institutions. As a client, you can have rest assured that we will provide you with services as requested. That is within compliance with the local rules and regulations.

PRO Services

Our PRO services in KSA can accelerate the company’s registration process and give our clients a peace of mind with our experienced consultants.

Trademark Registration & Copyright

Establishment of the Memorandum of Association

Configure P.O Box Address

Registration Cancellation / Companies Liquidation

Public Notary services

Legal Certificate of Corporate Documents in Court

Saudi Business Visa / Invitation Letter

VIP Medical Chaperoned Services

Visa Renewal and Cancellation Services

Investor/Partner Visa Processing

Family Visa Sponsorship

No Objection Certificate from Government Ministries

Issuance of Government Approvals

Open A Commercial Bank Account

Legal Translation Facilities

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