Investments & Licenses in KSA

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KSA Investment Landscape

Saudi Arabia, powered by Vision 2030, is undergoing a remarkable economic transition to diversify its economy and attract global investment. As the Kingdom moves beyond its reliance on oil, new growth opportunities emerge across a multitude of sectors. This rise in economic activity presents an unparalleled opportunity for investors. The Saudi government is actively courting foreign investment through a series of reforms designed to simplify the process, and create a more business-friendly ecosystem. Obtaining licenses and visas has become streamlined, making it easier than ever to establish your presence in the Kingdom.

Types of Investment Licenses in KSA

Setting up your business in Saudi Arabia is intriguing. There are many business license options available, and each business type has various rules and regulations. It is crucial to research the type of business you would like to set up in Saudi Arabia beforehand so that you can make a suitable decision for your business.

Agricultural license

Industrial license

Commercial license

Entrepreneur license

Licenses for serving and workers' services agents

Professional license with Saudi shareholder

Real estate license

Services license

Transport license

Printing & publishing license

Mining license;

Audiovisual media license

Documents for Establishing Business in KSA

Only two documents are needed to acquire an investor license
  • Commercial registration of the entity in its original country, authenticated by a Saudi Embassy.
  • Financial statements for the last year, prepared by an acclaimed legal office and authenticated by the Saudi Embassy.
*Additional documents may be required depending on the business activity and the required license type.

Types of Businesses Included in the Investor License

International investors can benefit from the same rights and obligations as local investors because all licenses are granted based on the fair and equal treatment concept.

Limited liability company (LLC)

Limited liability, one-person company

Joint Stock Company (JSC)

Foreign Company Branch

Technical and Scientific Services Office (TSO)

The Establishment