Ministry of Commerce and Investment in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment (MCI) in Saudi Arabia is responsible for granting licenses to GCC companies.

We offer full-fledged support to companies that are aiming to secure an MCI (Ministry of Commerce and Investment) license in Saudi Arabia. This license is mandatory for any entrepreneur planning to set up a business in Saudi Arabia.

Our offerings encompass guidance with the application procedure, procurement of essential documents, and sustained support throughout the licensing journey. Our team of experts is proficient in local rules and procedures necessary for acquiring an MCI license and is dedicated to ensuring that your application is processed efficiently without any hitches. 

Our MCI Services

Commercial Registration
(Issuing, Amending, Transfering, and Renewal)

Incorporation & Corporate Services

MCI License Process

Trademark Registration

Post Setup Compliance

Why Business Link?

Our dedicated team is adept at guiding you through the application procedure, streamlining document acquisition, and delivering continuous assistance throughout the licensing journey. With experts well-versed in the requisite regulations and procedures, we ensure a seamless and efficient processing of your MCI license application.

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