Temporary certificate to submit proposals for government projects

Entities that need to bid for government projects are able to submit an application to the Ministry of Investment. By requesting a temporary certificate for government projects in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers No.

Documents require Certificate for Government Projects

  1. A copy of the commercial register of the entity in its original country authenticated by the Saudi Embassy.
  2. Submit the Financial Statements for the last three years, prepared by an internationally acclaimed legal office with assurance that the reference guide is free of any errors.
  3. Provide copies of letters of award for the three projects carried out by the company. As the main contractor and accomplished within the last seven years. The value of each one of them should exceed the minimum value required from the contractors. It is classified as a first degree in the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.
  4. Provide a copy of the ISO 9001 certificate (valid).
  5. A copy of the ISO 14001 certificate or alternative certificates (valid).
  6. The Occupational Safety Certificate OSHAS 18001 (valid).
  7. Submit a confirmation confirming the reliability of the information provided. It includes the person signed is authorized to make decisions explaining the means of communication

Rules and Restrictions

  1. The period of the certificate is one year only.
  2. This certificate does not entitle the entity to issue a commercial registration.
  3. In case the government project awarded to the entity, it shall not execute the contract except by obtaining a Service License
  4. The company’s total revenue, according to the financial statements for the three years prior to the certificate request must be more than five hundred million Saudi riyals.
  5. The company must have made a profit in the three financial statements for the last five years in order to request a temporary certificate.

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