License for transport

Transport License provides service for international companies that wish to provide public land transport services. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides many areas for investment in public transport services, namely: sagia license guide

    1. The license to practice bus public transportation within cities.
    2. Service for issuing the license to practice metro public transportation within cities
    3. License to practice other transport.

Documents require for Transport License

  1. The decision of the Company’s Board of Directors expressing their intent to invest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It indicates the shareholders’ names, capital, shareholders’ shares, activity, location, and appointment of the General Manager and his powers, duly authenticated by the Saudi Embassy. sagia license guide
  2. A copy of the Commercial Register of the entity in the country of incorporation, duly authenticated by the Saudi Embassy.
  3. Provide proof of commitment to periods of the execution of contracts in the past five years.
  4. A proof of the financial capability consistent with the project’s capital, the share of each shareholder, consistency with the executive action plan for the project.  According to the financial limits set forth for the type of activity.

Rules and Restrictions

  1. Consistency between the total percentage of the Saudi (shareholder/shareholders). The capital according to the financial limits set forth for the type of activity.
  2. The foreign company’s average revenue (partner), for the previous three years prior to granting the license, shall be equal to or more than 3 billion Saudi riyals. The company’s assets value shall be 1.5 billion Saudi riyals at least.
  3. The Foreign company (partner) shall be license in two countries with at least 10 thousand employees.
  4. The minimum capital required for the supply, operation, and maintenance of the buses. It shall comply with the Ministry of Investment practices for the services sector companies.
  5. In the case of a Saudi shareholder, a copy of the Department of Transportation / Public Transportation Authority License to exercise bus transportation activity is needed.
  6. Applying the nationalization percentages stipulated in the transportation services of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, as amended.
  7. The record of establishments requesting license shall not contain decisions to revoke their licenses, inside or outside KSA, for the ten years preceding the request for a license.
  8. The record of establishments requesting a license shall not contain any notes or penalties, issued inside or outside KSA, regarding traffic safety for the ten years preceding the request for a license.
  9. In the event of disasters, crises, and wars – as issued by the concerned authorities in Saudi Arabia.
  10. Technical specification and production method of the product shall confirm to the Saudi, Gulf, or international standards.
  11. Submission of annual security levels improvement plans to the Public Transport Ministry for review.
  12. The applicant must enter the data of the Saudi national identity / Premium residence/residence and one of the partners holds any of them or the commercial registration data for the participating Saudi companies during the electronic application submission.


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