License for Serving agents and providing workers services

Serving agents License provide service to foreign companies that wish to engage the activities of domestic labor placement and temporary employment agency activities for home services in the Kingdom.

Document require for Serving agents License

  1. A copy of the commercial registration of the shareholding partner certified by the Saudi Embassy and a copy of the national identity. If one of the partners is a natural person holding the nationality of one of the GCC countries.
  2. Financial statements of the last 3 years of the applicant company and certified by the Saudi Embassy.

Rules and Restrictions

  1. The obligation to submit a performance evaluation certificate from the authority. Supervising the activity of exporting the activity in the country of dispatch indicating the applicant’s historical record and the legal notes, if any.
  2. The obligation to submit a certificate issued by the supervisory authority in the investor/investor’s country. No final judgment was issued against any of the Individual partners for a crime involving dishonor or breach of trust. Any of the violations related to the provisions governing child protection or combating trafficking in persons unless he is considering.
  3. Commitment to the undertaking that any of the partners have not before obtaining a license to export labor or was a partner in a company practicing this activity. Its license has been removing by a decision or a court ruling unless at least five years have passed.
  4. Commitment to acknowledge and read and abide by the regulations and instructions in the Kingdom. The regulations, instructions governing the recruitment activity in the Kingdom.
  5. In case that one of the partners was before licensed by the Ministry of Investment. It must be clarified when filling in the partner’s data while submitting the electronic application.
  6. The commercial registration of the entity requesting the license must have been at least 3 years to practice the activity.
  7. The applicant must enter the data of the Saudi national identity / Premium residence/residence.  If one of the partners holds any of them or the commercial registration data for the participating Saudi companies during the electronic application submission.

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